NW Whitfield Coach Ryan Richards Always Brings the Intensity

Tunnel Hill, GA-(WDEF-TV) The Northwest Whitfield Bruins’ 11-6 record is making noise as they head into the home stretch– but not as much noise as their head coach Ryan Richards. News 12’s Angela Moryan tells us how his intensity helps the Bruins to winning seasons.

Said Bruins player Jack Brock: “He lets the beast out in basketball I guess.”

Northwest Whitfield coach Ryan Richards is known for not holding back on the sidelines – completely the opposite from his quiet demeanor in class or at home with his eight kids.

Said Richards: “Pretty much my whole career people have told me, I can’t believe you act like that on the court because you’re nothing like that off the court. So I’ve kinda gotten used to that. I’ve actually mellowed out quite a bit in my older age.”

Said Brock: “He’ll yell. He’ll scream. He’ll break clipboards in the games.”

Reporter: “How many clipboards have you gone through throughout the years?”

Said Richards: “Since here at Northwest, we’re probably at number five. That’s not too bad, no. They’re kind of expensive so we have to make sure they’re in the budget before we start throwing them around too much.”

Richards is certainly leaving his players with unforgettable memories.

Said Brock: “It was summer basketball in like sophomore year, and we were getting beat. We played terrible. It was at halftime, and he walks in there and dropkicks a trash can and just starts screaming. Throws a marker at the board. We were all trying so hard not to laugh.”

Said Richards: “I don’t remember that specifically, but I’m sure there’s been a few garbage cans that’s gotten in the way accidentally during my career.”

Richards intensity is actually a motivator for players past and present — including the Bruins fifth leading scorer Hunter Meyer.

Said Richards: “He’s a transplant surgeon, he said that on the way to becoming a doctor, he got a lot of I guess butt chewings and said they were nothing compared to what I prepared him as I butt chewed him out.”

Said Bruins player Will Buckner: “It motivates us to go out and do better so that he yells less.”

Said Richards: “People see it as yelling, but it’s really just intensity. You’re just trying to bring them to a level of competition that will help them succeed and win. So while it seems like from a distant eye that I’m getting all over them and such, I’m really just trying to motivate them and get them to play harder and harder.”

The Bruins will need that motivation for the season’s final stretch. Reporting in Whitfield County, Angela Moryan, News 12 Now.

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