Oak Ridge Lab Comes to Chattanooga

Chattanooga is known as Gig City and now one research lab has moved to town in hopes of connecting to local businesses and expanding in the Innovation District.

“So much good going on in Oak Ridge and I knew Chattanooga with its innovation needed to partake in this.”

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann said he’s been working towards this partnership for a long time.

“Chattanooga is a key vibrant city. Its innovative, it’s got an innovative spirit. We though it be a great place to have the lab we co-manage”, said UT President Joe President DiPietro.

That office is a new Oak Ridge National Lab located in the Innovation District inside of EPB.

Both EPB and The University of Tennessee are two major keys to making the new lab a success.

“A few years ago the governor challenged UT Knoxville to be a top 25 institution. I can tell you today we’re closer on that path and that journey”, said President DiPietro.

“What can we bring to the table in terms of our understanding of computational science and data analytics to help EPB and really utilities of the future respond to the smart grid technology opportunities in a way that improves energy efficiency, said Director of Oak Ridge National Lab Thom Mason.

The Department of Energy Lab houses 4 researchers who have been studying the smart grid and fiber optic system.

They will serve as the liaison back to lab in Oak Ridge.

Oak Ridge officials say this will have a huge economic impact on the Scenic City overtime.

“Innovation ecosystems have developed . They spawn small companies which interact with each other, which bring industry interest…which bring talented people…which the whole thing just feeds on itself”, said Lynn Orr who works for the Department of Energy

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