Off The Grid Fest At Camp Jordan


Solar power is always a subject that draws a lot of debate.

There are those who believe in it. And there are those who are skeptical.

But at Camp Jordan this past weekend, a solar energy festival was held that drew total support from those in attendance.

It was a rainy, wet and soggy weekend at Camp Jordan. As best as one could tell, it didn’t matter to those who were on the scene.

There were vendors, workshops, live music…….everybody seemingly had a good time.

The theme of this three-day gathering was “Get Off The Grid Fest.”

Essentially, a solar powered, zero waste producing, leave no trace event. Encouraging folks to get off the grid and become self reliant.

The entire festival was solar powered. The crowd soaked it all in.

“Response has been excellent. There’s always a lot of curiosity about solar energy. We find that people are starting to look at pulling that energy into their own lives and needs.”

Solar power is in our future in so many ways, there’s no question about that.

But Matt Bennett, who’s from Asheville, North Carolina and is a solar energy expert, says we still have a ways to go.

“Right now we are limited. Because we can’t store energy at night. During the day, we have more than enough energy. But not at night.”

And that’s the rub. The key word is storage.

For example, at this festival, the solar panels powered two huge lithium batteries, which powered everything on stage. Even on a very overcast day. No trouble.

The issue is STORING that energy. Bennett says realistically, every home needs its own battery system.

Will it happen??

“It will take leadership. JFK said we need to go to the moon. We went to the moon. It can be done.”

The festival paid strict attention to COVID-19 protocols.

It also encouraged an “herbal” way of life. To include quality food and massage therapy.

All in the name of rising up, and embracing a new way of life.

The festival is held every two years, at various locations.

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