Officers ticket distracted drivers

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Investigators say an increase in distracted driving is causing real problems on our roads.

Officers have been ticketing drivers going over 100 MPH more than ever before. They’re also catching those 18-wheelers driving in lanes that are prohibited.

Chattanooga Police and Tennessee Highway Patrol teamed up to enforce and educate drivers on how dangerous distracted driving is. The campaign launched all week long, and officers have already cited hundreds of drivers on dozens of violations; including speeding, texting and for not wearing your seat belt. It’s goal is to save lives and to prevent car crashes and injuries.

Michael Ortell, Chattanooga Police Sergeant said “I just concluded a stop where I stopped a vehicle; the white one that just left. I clocked it at 100 MPH here in a 60 MPH zone.”

Officers were even able to cite 18-wheelers around the lower 75 near the Georgia Lane and through the Ridge Cut.

One Officer says motorcycles are especially useful and used to quickly maneuver through rush traffic and to catch up to speeders.

Joe Warren, Chattanooga Police Traffic Investigator said “More and more people really driving at a high speed. When they’re doing 80 in a 55; they feel almost comfortable safe because they feel like that might be the flow of traffic. It’s not.” He says bad behaviors can have serious consequences. “Take a 107 MPH case to court and the judge gave him 30 days in jail for it.”

Warren also says what’s even scarier now is that the fast drivers are multitasking on their cell phones at the same time.

So far, four citations have been issued for drivers going over 100-miles-per-hour. Two citations have been issued for 18-wheeler lane restriction violations.

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