Ooltewah Elementary librarian Sue Smith makes books & reading cool

Some people think of the library as just a place to find encyclopedias or do research.

But the kids at Ooltewah Elementary say thanks to their librarian, the library is cool.

Sue Smith is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

Librarian Sue Smith reads from Dinorella, "Dinorella you are adorable. You’re definitely quite a dish. I beg you to be my dearest."

And every 4th grader in the library pays attention and has fun…They pick up on the alliteration lessons too…

A little girl named Kaylee demonstrates, "Kaylee keeps kittens for a reason."

For nearly 7 years the teacher has spent her classroom time in the library, although she taught in the classroom for years before that.

Smith has a love for reading and a special place in her heart of elementary students, "They still appreciate you. They love you. They want to come to you. And I thought this job as the librarian is the best of everything. I get to deal with all the grade levels not just one."

Five days a week she inspires a love of the library from kindergarten and the way to the 5th grade.

4th grader Cora Lancaster reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "She makes learning to read fun. She makes books cool."

Cora says her reading is better thanks to Ms. Smith.

She says Ms. Smith makes the characters and books more interesting… and also teaches the difference between mysteries & biographies to science & science fiction.

Cora says, "In the books in here in the library it has much more funny things and much more cool books."

Ultimately… Ms. Smith wants all her students to think books are cool.

She says modern technology is great, but there’s still something nice about reading the words on paper, "You know, there’s a lot of good literature out there, new stuff and old stuff. I just want to inspire a love for reading because, you know, you still have to know how to read to be able to run a computer."

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