Ooltewah High School Seniors Receive Huge Donation

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- As the school year comes to a close, many students are focusing their eyes towards college, but for many, college can be a financial burden because of this one local family is giving back to some seniors at Ooltewah High.

Najja Buggs: “You really helped me and because I know that I go through a lot and I just want to say thank you.”

Gratitude, appreciation, and a few tears filled the auditorium at Ooltewah High school.

Student Girl:”Follow my passion of helping others out there and I’m very thankful for everything.”

Student Boy: “I just wanted to say thank you to the Woodward family for everything that you’ve done for me.”

The Woodard family has been giving scholarships to students at OHS for the last 6 years.

They granted 12 students from the graduating class of 2017 students, 1,000 dollars each to further their education.

This is the most scholarships the family has ever given adding an additional 10,000 dollars to 2,000 given each year.

WOODARD: “When my brother was told there would be 22 students is when he decided to donate more to the scholarship fund.”

The students were selected on need basis.

WOODARD:”My mother was a maid.”

“We wanted to give back to the students who are struggled like we struggled.”

They also had to submit and essay.

WOODARD:”Some of them, I don’t know all of their stories, have had some life changing experiences at a very young age.”

Like Najja Buggs, who lost her home to a fire 5 years ago.

Najja Buggs: “I go through a lot and you know I have a hard time.”

Najja Buggs: “I really wanted to give up. I’m not going to college, you know, stuff life.”

But now, Najja says her future is looking bright thanks to the scholarship…as she heads to East Tennessee State University this fall.

Najja Buggs: “It really helped me to have hope and just to keep going.”

The Woodard family has funded 22,000 dollars in scholarships over the last six years.

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