Ooltewah Joins Tennessee High School Football Teams on First Day in Pads

Ooltewah-(WDEF-TV) Tennessee high school football teams like Ooltewah were able to put on the pads for the first time Monday in fall camp. In the age of weight-lifting and seven-on-sevens, football has become a year-round sport, but it’s always special when the guys can finally start popping pads.

Reporter:”How exciting is it once the pads go on. Is it like, finally?”
Said defensive end Tyler Phillips:”It’s live. You finally get to hit somebody.”
Said receiver T.J. Taylor:”We can just feel the energy and feel the enthusiasm. Getting back into the pads and stuff because lately we’ve just been in helmets. It feels good getting back in the full affect.”
Said lineman Kevin Chang:”First day putting on the pads is the best. We actually get to work on our technique. We get to improve on strength. Hand placement. All that stuff.”
Pads are fun, but for head coach Scott Chandler, there are limits.
Said Chandler:”And really when you put the pads on that’s when you can tackle. Now you’ve got a two-edge sword. Do you tackle your guys to the ground and take a chance on somebody getting hurt? Or do you just fit them up and then take a chance when you get in a game, and you can’t tackle. Luckily for us we’ve got three scrimmages, so we should be able to find out who can tackle and who can’t.”
And those scrimmages will give Chandler a chance to see what he has in the trenches.
Said Chandler:”Right now I would say our O-line and D-lines have got to be shored up. We’ve got some missing parts right now that we’ve got to find some people to take their place.”
Strangest sight at practice. The players pushing up this tower.
A makeshift Owls nest for the team’s videographer.
Reporter:”Did you notice them putting that thing up?”
Said Malachi Quinn:”Yeah I had to help. It was pretty heavy.”
Reporter:”How old do you think that thing is?”
Said Quinn:”Probably by the rust on it. 50 years?”
Reporter:”How old do you think this tower is?”
Said Chandler:”Well I don’t know. I’ve been hunting out of it probably six or seven years. I lost the place where I hunt, so if anybody out there wants to let me hunt some where let me know. So I thought. So that’s my. Yeah. That’s our film tower now.”

Ooltewah opens their season by hosting Tyner on Friday, August 17th.

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