Ooltewah woman booked for her alleged involvement in an attempted murder

OOLTEWAH, Tennessee(WDEF) – A convicted sex offender and his girlfriend are both accused of trying to commit murder.

Johnny Shouse, 41, of Ooltewah and Gladys George, 20, of Ooltewah have both been charged with attempted first degree murder and arson.

George was booked into the Hamilton County jail this morning.

According to Hamilton County detectives, the two suspects tried to kill Shouse’s mother.

On the early morning of January 7, fire crews were dispatched to a home on fire in the 8500 block of Ooltewah Georgetown Road.

The owner of the home, Paula Shouse, told investigators she was awaken by a crash outside her bedroom door that caused her dogs to bark. Then she said she noticed flames shooting under her bedroom door.

She told investigators that when she tried to exit out the bedroom door, she noticed it was blocked from the outside so she was forced to exit through a back door that opened up to the porch.

While outside the house she said she noticed her car was no longer parked in the driveway. She reportedly went to a neighbors house to call 911. While at a neighbor house, she noticed that her dog smelled like kerosene.

At one point, investigators noticed Shouse was talking to her son on the phone and yelled,"you tried to kill me."

Investigators found kerosene, a gasoline can and a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid at the scene. An accelerant detecting canine alerted investigators to accelerant on the front porch as well as inside the living room.

Later that day, Agents with the Tennessee Department of Correction arrived on scene to investigate Johnny Shouse’s whereabouts.

Shouse is a convicted sex offender who was ordered to wear a tracking device on his ankle. According to the agents, the device was removed in an area close to a 25th street Waffle House restaurant in Cleveland. 

At one point, Mrs. Shouse reportedly started getting what she described as disturbing text messages from her son. She told investigators that she text him back. He reportedly replied with a text that read: "they were in Miami enjoying the sunshine." The text went on to reveal that Mrs. Shouse’s car was abandoned in Georgia with the keys locked inside.

Mrs. Shouse texted her son back and asked why he did that. His reported reply: "Because I can. Part of our plan was to go off grid. You would have been in the way."

Johnny Shouse has a criminal record that includes conviction for aggravated sexual battery of a 17-year old. In 2013 he was arrested for domestic assault but the charges were dropped.

In addition to the arson and attempted murder charge, Shouse is also charges of violating the sex offender registry and violating the sex offender monitoring program.

A judge set George’s bond at $1.5 million.

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