Ooltewah’s Kayla Boseman Continues to Put Up Big Softball Numbers

Ooltewah,TN-(WDEF) You don’t have to watch Ooltewah’s Kayla Boseman play softball to see that she’s a talented player. One glance at her stat sheet will take care of that. The Owls pitcher and slugger was the Max Preps 2015 National Freshman of the year last season, and she shows no signs of slowing down this season.
When Ooltewah coach Jon Massey talks about Kayla Boseman, it sounds like he’s describing a five tool player.
Said Massey-“The fact that she can throw it. She has great command of three or four pitches. Really good command. She hits the ball hard. She’s very fast. She leads our team in steals.”
Thanks to Boseman’s power and speed, she committed last year as a freshman to Mississippi State.
Said Boseman-“It kind of felt weird because everybody was like, are you sure you want to go there? I’m like, yeah. There are 8th graders and 7th graders that are already committed, so I thought it was pretty normal.
Boseman’s stats last year were anything but normal.
A 22-4 record with 212 K’s.
She hit .522 with 62 RBI’s in just 50 games.
And remember, those are freshman numbers.
Said Boseman-“Yeah they were kind of shocked. Everybody was asking me what grade are you in. I said I’m a freshman. Few people thought I was a junior or senior. I was like, no. I’m just a freshman.”
Her numbers are pretty good this year too.
She’s 6-1 with 60 K’s and a .547 batting average.
Said Massey-“The fact that she’s going to hit it, and hit it hard, you really have to move your outfielders back. Make everything a single if you can.”
Reporter-“Is she a better pitcher or is she a better hitter?”
Said infielder Tiera Lemon-“Oooh. It’s kind of equal. It’s kind of equal.”
Said Boseman-“I’m a good pitcher. I have to maintain my composure. Keep my balls down. Keep spinning the ball and just relax.”
Boseman is certainly one of the best players around, and she wants to make Ooltewah the state’s best.
Boseman-“That’s my main goal. I want a ring so bad.”

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