Orchard Knob Middle School & Hamilton County Stars Tackle Bullying

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-The corridors and classrooms of Orchard Knob Middle School are covered with bright anti-bullying  posters and phrases.
    They cover the topics of  inclusion, respect, communication, and honesty.
    The blanket campaign is part of the school’s elaborate anti bullying policy.

Trevon Crutcher, 8th Grader,"They call people, fat, ugly and tell them they dumb and stupid."

Keichem Riya Jones, 8th Grader,"It’s bad,for girls its worser, for girls they can find stuff to hurt someone’s feeling’s real quick."

Counselor Melissa Brassel plays a key role in maintaining the school’s inclusion policy but believes cyber bullying is a concern.

"We hope that parents stand with us and monitor social media and monitor their usage and what they are doing on it, we can only do so much in the school building, we do warn our students that bringing social media drama into the school building can be very detrimental to instruction and learning."

Orchard Knob  adopts a trickle down philosophy where student’s present their views on combating bullying and violence through audio visual presentations and interactive workshops.

Stop Bullying.GOV research shows more than 40% of middle schoolers say they have been name-called or teased.

While one in three students in US schools say they have been, kicked, shoved or slapped.

At Hamilton County Stars officials say open communication between students of all ages and grades and their teachers can prevent bullying.

"We don’t want them to feel concerned about reporting, we don’t want the issue of snitching, it’s bad, we want to educate them about how important to talk about it, we know bullying thrives in silence."

Hamilton County’s anti-bullying experts added that they are also tackling bullying outside the classroom including in the playground and on school buses.

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