Pancreatitis and Organ Removals Not Slowing Down Chatt State’s Mary Kate Pritchett

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) During Mary Kate Pritchett’s softball days at Gordon Lee, she had her gall bladder removed, but she kept having stomach pain when she arrived to play college ball at Chatt State. Then last October Pritchett had to have a few more organs removed, but you would never know it, by the way she bounces around in the outfield this spring for the Lady Tigers.

Said Pritchett:”One time I went in, and I had like a severe attack, and I was sent to the ER. I had looked up the anatomy of a stomach, and I diagnosed myself. I was like I have pancreatitis. Basically what they do is they take out your pancreas, and then you have cells in there that make the insulin. And they took those out, and put them back into my liver in hopes that I would start producing insulin again.”
Reporter:”Tell me. How many organs have you had removed?”
Said Pritchett:(chuckles) “Let’s see. I had my gall bladder. This last surgery they took out my pancreas, my spleen, my appendix, and part of my intestines. (laughs) So I don’t have many left.”
Said Chatt State head coach Blythe Golden:”She’s tough. She’s resilient. I think her being able to have surgery in I think it was mid-October. To be able to come back, and she hasn’t missed a single day this spring is just unbelievable.”
Said Pritchett:”A couple of girls on my team they actually started. They made these bracelets for me to sell. They said like ‘Mary Strong’. It was just a huge thing, and I was so grateful that they did that for me. That was awesome. It was just so important to me to get back and be with my team. Just finish out well as much as I could.”
Said Golden:”She’s got a 4.0 GPA and maintained that through her surgery through the fall semester. I mean taking Chem 2. You know classes that you’re like wow, really? (chuckles) Every day that I watch her. She’s diving for balls. She has got her pump on the side of her leg. She’s adjusting where it is, so it doesn’t get in the way when she’s sliding. Doing all the things. I just look at her. So many of our kids have ailments during the year. You hear’em say oh I’m sick. You know Mary really has an excuse, but she has never used it.”
Said Pritchett:”Ever since I’m back, I’ve just been like every day going yes, I get to come out here and play softball because you know I wasn’t supposed to. I mean yeah, it has definitely made it a lot more joyous for me.”

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