Organizers of the July 16 Run/Walk Say the Event Raised $15,000 for “Fallen Five” Permanent Memorial

Organizers of the July 16th Run/Walk that attracted thousands of people to downtown Chattanooga, Friday announced the results of that fundraiser.
The goal was to raise money to create a permanent memorial to the 5 local reservists who died in that terrorist attack a year ago.
Organizers say it was a successful beginning.

Video of the events of July 16, 2015 is still painful to watch for most of us.
And the memorials still remaining about the city have become shrines with visitors there every day.
But this gathering at Erlanger Medical center was to celebrate a victory as the city moves on.
The Run/Walk downtown two weeks ago, got the campaign for a memorial off to a good start.

KEVIN SPIEGEL, CEO, ERLANGER  “I’m proud to announce that we raised 15-thousand dollars in that one day alone…applause…thank you! And the signs will be…here it is.”

Erlanger’s trauma team came up with the idea of a walk and run on the morning when the city paused for a memorial on the river at Ross’s landing.
Employees of the City, Hamilton County, Rock/Creek outfitters and UTC – in addition to 120 volunteers – were also recognized for making this anniversary event such a success.
At the request of the families of Chattanooga’s fallen heroes, funds from the event will be used to build a permanent memorial to the five men who lost their lives last July.

MAYOR JIM COPPINGER. HAMILTON COUNTY  “As we were actually standing above the crowd as they were getting ready to start, and you were actually at the site, the location this traumatic, tragic occurred , it was a sobering moment for all of us I believe.”

MAYOR ANDY BERKE, CHATTANOOGA  “We want to get everybody involved ..members of our armed services, veterans, public art, the community so that we can design a memorial that’s appropriate to our fallen heroes and make it open to the public.”

Other events will follow–as Chattanooga remembers the Fallen Five.
The July 16th event had sold out three days before the 5 mile run, with participants coming from 20 states.
They came from California to Maine to Florida,.

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