Outdoor Activities Feeling the Heat in Downtown Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – Summer is a great time to take advantage of all of the outdoor activities in the Scenic City.  But soaring temperatures can cause a few issues when equipment sits in the sun.

At noon, temperatures already reached 90° and things were heating up at High Point Climbing and Fitness in downtown – quite literally.

Their outdoor climbing wall on Broad Street bakes in the summer sun.

Communications Director Ben Lowe says, “We will advise people that it can get pretty hot out here.”

Just as light colored clothing keeps you cooler, light colored materials also help keep the rock wall in use on these hot summer days.

“We try to use some of the lighter holds out here that way they reflect a little bit more of the light,” continues Lowe.

Official temperatures are measured in the shade. Add in the direct sunlight and objects can become much hotter.

With full sun on the wall, the holds checked in around 135°F.  But that didn’t stop climbers from heading up the wall!

Sean and Melissa McDermott are visiting Chattanooga to rock climb. Despite the high temperatures, the couple still climbed the outdoor wall.

“[The holds] were hot enough that I couldn’t hold on to them very long so I had to hold on for just a second and then let go,” says Sean McDermott.

Melissa had a similar experience going up the wall.  She said, “The holds were burning my fingers so I had to grab some that were off my route in order to stay on the wall and keep going.”

While light colors help make the holds bearable, the pad on the ground beneath the outdoor rock wall is black. And a toasty 175°F in the sun, providing you with plenty of incentive to get climbing!

“The padding below the walls does tend to get pretty warm. Sometimes, some of the metal carabiners can get pretty warm as well if they are sitting out in the sun. We tell people to use some caution when they come out here to use the gear,” Lowe says.

The outdoor walls start to see shade during the late afternoon, and High Point stays open through the evening as conditions cool off.

If it gets too hot outside for you, High Point has more walls inside –  with plenty of air conditioning! Inside, High Point also has a full weight room, a cardio room, and yoga space.

High Point also offers summer day camps for kids. The camps are designed for kids aged 5 to 14 and last for 4 hours a day for 5 days. The kids get an introduction of the gym as well as knot tying, climbing techniques, and team-building activities.

For more information, visit their website highpointclimbing.com.

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