Over-Testing in Our School Systems

“We have a lost generation because of what we are teaching, the way we are teaching, the speed we are teaching…shoving these babies into curriculum that’s way beyond their years.”

Many felt the same sentiments about children not being ready for much of the curriculum that’s been taught in schools.

Tennessee Education Association members, concerned parents, and teachers filled the Hamilton County School board room.

Dan Liner, President of Hamilton County’s education association said not enough time is being given to teachers to instruct their students.

“Too little time in instruction. because over-testing robs teachers of valuable instruction time. I’m hearing this from the children that they’re taking tests to find out how well they’re going to do on the test.”

Liner said there are lasting effects a child can develop because of over-testing.

“Any child, whether the child is a kindergarten student, a 3rd grader, 8th grader or 11th grader, that child develops test fatigue.”

Hamilton County School Board member Steve highlander said he sympathizes for both the students and the teachers.

“It makes me feel sad because children are trying to be forced to learn things that they’re not ready for.”

Talks of more funding for a better education system across the state and in Hamilton County were also on the table during the open forum.

“We’re spending billions of dollars on testing and I think we could cut the cost. The state provides the vast majority of the money for public school systems and they have a formula…they set up, the BEP 2.0 formula and some people think it’s fair and some people think it’s not.”

BEP 2.0 is the basic education program that is the formula used to allocate money for the state’s schools.

Highlander said it’s mainly up to the state to change how often tests are given.

“Most of the things are state mandate and we need to encourage our state department of education to make very reasonable demands on the children.”

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