Parent Concerned about Playground at Snow Hill Elementary

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF) – With warm Spring days ahead, many kids across the Tennessee Valley will be enjoying their recesses much more.

However, according to the National Program for Playground Safety Institute, more than 200,000 children a year are injured on playgrounds across America.

A parent shared with News 12 concerns that equipment at Snow Hill Elementary School’s playground is not up to standard.

Shauna Seeler, a parent of a student at Snow Hill, said that, “There is a slide that the kids play on that has a major hole in it.”

For Seeler, the safety of her four year old daughter is paramount.

She has special needs and is taking specialized classes at Snow Hill Elementary.

Seeler says pictures shared with her recently have her gravely concerned for her daughter’s safety.

They depict a hole about halfway up a playground slide, and students still using the equipment as they play in the hole.

Seeler said, “It definitely is what it appears, it looks like at one point in time they had taped over it, so it’s been there for quite some time.”

Seeler says that the hole has been there since her daughter started going to school.

The National Program for Playground Safety says that on average, over 500 children a day are injured in playground incidents.

They say that 60 percent of all injuries sustained on playgrounds that result in litigation list defective equipment as a result of a lack of maintenance as a primary cause.

Seeler wants the staff at Snow Hill to check the equipment and make sure it’s safe for all students including those with disabilities.

Seeler said, “They don’t understand how to avoid a toy that is damaged, or broken. That is up for everyone to play with. They don’t understand, “Oh, there’s a big hole here! Let’s not play on it.””

She says kids as young as three years old play on the playground.

This gives her pause moving forward.

Seeler stated, “I’m not sure of when I’ll send her back.”

News 12 did reach out to Hamilton County Schools.

They say they are looking into the issue with their Operations Department.

Seeler said that she was not informed by administration, and wishes she had learned about the issue from them, and not through these pictures.


A hole on a slide on the Snow Hill Elementary playground. (Courtesy: Shauna Seeler)

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