Some parents concerned about bullying at Murray County elementary school

CHATSWORTH, Ga. (WDEF) — Some parents are concerned about bullying at a Murray County elementary school.

Emmaleigh Carter and her mother Amanda enjoyed an afternoon outside. The sixth grader looks happy now, but her mother says she has been bullied for a year and a half at Coker Elementary School.

“We have been countless times to the principal. She’s tried to report it to her teachers,” Amanda Carter said.

Emmaleigh says the girl made mean comments to her.

“Your hair is ugly. Your face is ugly. You are fat,” Emmaleigh recounted.

And that she should disappear.

“She would tell me you should go kill yourself. You never belonged here.”

She says all of this made her upset.

“I went home and I started crying when I got home. I then locked my bedroom door and just turned everyone away,” Emmaleigh said.

Her mother says on Thursday, her daughter became frustrated and took out her anger on the girl.

“Emmaleigh turned around and hit her twice in the face. I don’t condone violence but I feel like she had explored every other avenue and she felt like she had no way out,” Amanda Carter said.

Emmaleigh was suspended for one day.

Murray County School officials say they take bullying very seriously.

“There are laws in the state that deal with bullying. Each incident is dealt with seriously when our teachers or administrators know about it. They investigate each case and will deal with it as appropriate,” said Mike Tuck, director of administrative services for Murray County Schools.

If a student feels they are being bullied, Tuck has advice.

“They would be urged to let their teacher know or let some adult in the building know. If our administrators aren’t aware of the situation it is very difficult for them to deal with it.”

On Monday, after standing outside of the Murray County Schools Central Office, Carter got to speak to administrators. Now she hopes it will get better for her daughter.

“She should have the right to a fair safe place for an education. Just like everybody else,” Carter said.

Other parents say they love Coker Elementary School and their kids have never had a problem there.

Murray County School officials say parents or students can always submit an anonymous report about bullying or other situations, on their website.

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