Parents upset about how “murder list” at Ringgold Middle was handled; district says there was no threat

RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF)-  Parents in Ringgold are on edge tonight after a, quote, murder list was brought to their attention.

The administration says they deemed it was just a prank.

Erica Rivers says, “You drop them off and you think that the school is going to ensure that they are safe. But they are taking this as a joke or a prank.”

Rivers is just one of several Catoosa County parents who reached out to News 12 about a “murder list” that was brought to administration’s attention Thursday.

Officials say a parent and student made them aware of the list Thursday and the student who created the list admitted to it.

Principal Jeff Frick says, “She said yes, I’ve got it right here and opened her notebook and handed it right to me.”

Despite being told this by Principal Frick, parents Dwight Young and Lauren Persichelli say that the student’s willingness to hand it over is a red flag.

Young was shocked and says that “clearly handing it over to you with no remorse and no thought of it, was a red flag.”

Persichelli says it was scary. Young and Persichelli’s child’s name was on the list.

While two other parents, Erica Rivers and Amanda Taylor, say they found out through social media before receiving a text message from the school.

Amanda Taylor says, “It’s bad you go off of Facebook and you say hey this is happening at school.”

Rivers says, “With all the school shootings that have taken place and all the threats that kids have acted on.”

All of these parents are worried about what will happen when the student returns to class. The administration urges them that they have nothing to worry about.

“We found no indication that there was any danger to any student. If we had felt that way we would have taken appropriate action,” says Frisk.

Young says, “What makes a principal qualified to tell me that a child is safe to be around my child after writing a murder list.”

Taylor pleaded that “My kids are terrified, my 14-year-old is terrified.”

Rivers says,”I don’t think that would even be a question if that was my child. Just to be real

“Right now they are setting a standard to let other children know that if you threaten someone, make a list that it is okay as long as you say it’s a prank,” says Persichelli.

Young asked, “Where do you draw the line? Where do you stop saying it’s a prank when that kid walks in that school with a gun. Is that when you take it seriously. How far is it going to go and my kid is not going to be standing there when that happens?”


Young recorded his conversation with the principal here.



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