Parents voice opinions on Hamilton County School mask mandate with opt-out option

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Dozens of parents came out to this evening’s Hamilton County School Board meeting regarding the recently announced mask mandate for students with an opt-out process.

Interim superintendent Dr. Nakia Towns’ interim contract was confirmed and the next superintendent search process was discussed at Thursday’s Hamilton County School board meeting.

However a majority of parents who turned out for the meeting to voice their opinion on the Hamilton County School mask mandate.

Some parents think parents should have the choice of if their kids wear a mask or not.

Other parents say Kids 12 and under aren’t eligible for vaccines so a temporary mask requirement is needed to keep kids safer.

“That they listen to doctors instead of fringe political groups. They adopt the temporary mask requirements that are children’s doctors all across the country have said are essential,” said Father of three Hamilton County school children, Justin Wilkins.

“We stand for freedom and we believe in the constitutional right to choose and we think that the mandates that they’re trying to press on our children is child abuse and unconstitutional. When you are masking and muzzling people, you are inhibiting their way of breathing, life, and expression,” said Glenda Pappu.

Both sides reference studies and research that backs their side of the argument on if masks work.

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