Patriots Running Back Sony Michel Playing For Another Title in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA-(WDEF-TV) Sony Michel is 69 yards away from having a 1000 yard rookie season with the new england patriots. Get this, last time Michel was playing football in Atlanta, he was playing in the national championship with the Georgia Bulldogs. This year, just over a year later, he’s playing for the super bowl in the same stadium, this time with the Patriots.

Said Michel: It’s amazing to be playing running back behind a great group of guys that take pride in what they do and you can’t really ask for much more.

Running back sony michel is a quiet presence in the chaos of media days leading up to Super Bowl 53 — but that’s nothing new.

Said Michel: I’m just being myself. that’s a laid back person. I like to just sit back and observe.

He’s observing a future hall of fame quarterback and head coach duo that has brought New England 5 Lombardy Trophies in 15 years.

Said Michel: I think it’s important that I’m on a team that wins, that takes pride in winning and I just love to be around them.

Michel says the Super Bowl wasn’t even on his mind when the Patriots drafted him in the first round.

Said Michel: This was so far, you know I didn’t even think about the Super Bowl at the time. There were so many other things I was thinking about and worried about. The adjustment of going somewhere new, being around a different environment, being around a different group of guys. I mean, I haven’t thought about it but I would say it’s a pretty amazing experience to be here.

Reporter: Have you thought about what would happen if you get hot and end up winning that super bowl MVP?

Said Michel: I haven’t really thought about it. I wonder how many people actually think about winning the MVP. I don’t know. Tom will probably win MVP if we win.

Michel says he learned everything he knows from running back Todd Gurley who coincidentally is the starting running back for the Los Angeles rams. It’s the battle of the Georgia running backs on Sunday. and it’s right here in Atlanta.

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