Patten Towers getting renovations

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A low income apartment complex will soon see some renovations that Chattanooga city officials say is needed.

The new owner of Patten towers will be doing a 10 million dollar renovation.

It will include maintenance work.

The city of Chattanooga recently passed a resolution to allow them to receive a payment in lieu of taxes, or pilot, to help as part of their layered financing.

They will request the same from the county.

City officials say there is not a lot of quality affordable housing, so this will help.

Donna Williams with Economic and Community Development tells us “the building really serves folks that are low and very low income and it is exciting to have them available so the 221 people that live there now can stay there and stay in a better and more beautiful environment and not have to leave downtown.”

The renovations are expected to start in the spring.

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