Patten Towers Residents Face Intense Heat without Air Conditioning

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — According to residents at Patton Towers, the air conditioning has been out in most the building for months.

“It’s been two months since the air been out. I feel like it should have been something handled with it. I might talk to them about it — apparently my opinion don’t matter,” said Lebron, a Patten Towers resident.

Residents and their families say management is aware of the problem.

But the problem still hasn’t been resolved.

“I came down and asked the office manager, and they say that they know that they had the Jake Marshall HVAC company in house, working on the unit, and that they were working on it, so I visited him two weeks ago, and it was still hot,” said DeShunna Clark, a relative of a Patten Towers resident.

Air conditioning is working in the lobby, however, and some residents, including some with medical conditions, are spending time downstairs, just to stay cool.

“I got asthma, myself, so when it gets too hot, it’s hard for me to breath in certain places, so that’s the reason why I come down here in the lobby, because it has air conditioning — it’s the only spot in the building that has air conditioning,” said Lebron.

DeShunna Clark, whose brother lives in the building, is encouraging people to help by donating box fans or portable air conditioners.

“I’ve been to both Lowe’s and Home Depot, and they are willing to provide those at a discounted rate if you tell them that you’re helping out the Patten Towers,” said Clark.

One resident said that window units cannot be installed in the building.

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