Paying College Athletes Leaves Plenty of Questions For Mocs AD Mark Wharton

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) When the NCAA announced this week that they were moving to allow college athletes to enjoy endorsement money, that led to plenty of questions for UTC athletic director Mark Wharton.

The phrase ‘I don’t know’ comes up a bunch for Mark Wharton in figuring out the decision to let college athletes make money off their name.
Said Wharton:”You know I don’t know how it’s regulated. I’m assuming through compliance. Does it mean schools like us have to get one or two more compliance directors. How does that affect. It’s a cost to us, but a benefit to our student athletes. Again, I don’t know. Is it the student-athlete on their own going out and getting that endorsement deal? What does that look like for jerseys? What does the jersey look like if it doesn’t have Mocs on it. Or is it selling cars? A car commercial? Again I just don’t know what it’s going to make up?”
Take former Bama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.
An artilce on al-dot-com quotes Bob Dorman of Baker Street Advertising saying Tua could have made 3 to 5 million dollars at Alabama easy.
That would have to raise some eyebrows for an athletic director.
Said Wharton:”That’s again my concern. The regulation of it. Who does that? Is it NCAA? Is it the institution? Is it the conference? Is it federal government? What taxes do they pay?”
The questions just keep mounting for Wharton.
Said Wharton:”Like I said about Title IX. If you have five student athletes do it, and they’re all from a male sport, how does that affect your female sports?
Reporter:”What if some jewelry company wanted the whole Mocs softball team to wear their bracelet or necklace during a game? They’ve got the whole team on it?”
Said Wharton:”I wouldn’t suggest that. (laughter) Again we don’t know.”
We don’t know.
That’s why Wharton is hoping for a few parameters from the NCAA.
Wharton:”I think there’s got to be some market value limit so it doesn’t become such a recruiting advantage or disadvantage for people. You’ve got a lot of powerful power five schools with lucrative donor bases.”

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