People missing covid vaccinate second dose appointments

(WDEF) A growing number of Americans have missed their scheduled second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


As most people are aware the vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna require two doses — administered three and four weeks apart to reach full efficacy.

“You don’t have adequate coverage with one dose. To get upwards of 90 to 95% you need to get both doses for that to be achieved,” said Immunization Coordinator for North Georgia Health District Ashley Deverell.

However, data from the CDC said 8 million people nationwide have missed their second scheduled dose.

“In our district we have not had a huge issue with the second doses not coming in. We have vaccine shopping where they got their first dose at one of our health departments and decide they want to go to the pharmacy or get it closer to their house…. And then we’ve had people that have just forgotten their appointment, couldn’t get off work, so we’ve been calling those people and getting them rescheduled,” said Deverell.

Although research shows the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are likely 80 percent effective against symptomatic covid after one dose. Deverell says the second dose gives an extra 10-15 percent of protection.

“We have seen through our department people who have gotten one dose and ended up getting Covid very quickly after. You need both doses to get strong immunity support,” said Deverell.

“And people forget even with tetanus shot, shingles vaccines those vaccines do cause the same type of dide effects,” said Deverell.

Deverell wants to remind people several North Georgia Health departments are currently offering walk-up covid vaccinations.

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