People pack Spring City to see Eclipse

SPRING CITY, Tenn. (WDEF) — People from all over the country crowded into Veterans Park in Spring City to see the Solar Eclipse.

“Everybody says Spring City is the best place in the world to see the eclipse, best place in the whole United States so we are here to see the total eclipse,” said Jim Reese, of Florida.

Kids came prepared with eclipse glasses and homemade pinhole projectors.

“I am really excited because this is once in a lifetime,” said Matthew Anderson, of Georgia.

Astronomy enthusiasts, like Larry Robinson, brought their high tech gadgets to see the eclipse

“You can see sunspots very well and you can photograph the rim of the moon as it is chopping up the sun,” Robinson said.

When it happened there were two minutes 39 seconds of darkness over Spring City.

“Well it was spectacular I don’t know how else to describe it. It was probably one of the most amazing things that I have witnessed in my lifetime,” said Rinda Lattire, of Indiana.

Abby Dickes works for NanoRacks, a small commercial company that runs a research lab on the international space station.

“So everyone in our office is making a trip somewhere for this and we looked at a map and saw Spring City on a map and we said we are going to go there and we ended up with all of those awesome people you see here today,” Dickes said.

Dickes says events like this get people educated about science.

“This is really cool because it gets so many people excited about space who don’t usually get to experience it or get to understand what is going on up there and everyone can get a first hand experience and understand why space is literally the coolest thing ever,” Dickes said.

People are glad they made the trek to the small town of Spring City.

“We are sort of in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the mountains. The sky was perfectly clear. It was so cool,” Dickes said.

Officials estimate 5,000 people watched the eclipse in Veterans Park.

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