People voice concerns after fatal shooting at Coyote Jacks

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) — After the latest homicide at a Chattanooga night club, some people say it’s a public nuisance.

Sharee James wants Coyote Jacks to be shutdown.

“Here we are almost two years later and I am still fighting the same fight.”

Her brother was shot and killed in the parking lot across from Coyote Jacks in December of 2017.

Early Sunday morning, 19-year-old Brandon Rogers was shot and killed on the night club’s patio.

James is thinking of his family.

“I sat where they are sitting yesterday,” James said.

Chattanooga Police released the body cam video from the latest incident.

They were in the process of shutting down an event at the bar that was over capacity. That’s when they say an altercation happened outside on the patio, and shots were fired.

Police worked to clear the scene, while two officers tried to stop Rogers’ bleeding.

In May of 2016, when it was called Bella Vita, a security guard was shot and killed.

In total, there have been three homicides in the last three years.

“I’ve been to the beer board. I have been to the city council and I fell off, but I am back out there. Every single time something happens and I stop going, or be like okay I am just going to leave it alone it is like my brother wake’s up and is like hey sis, get back out there and do what you are suppose to be doing,” James said.

She hasn’t seen change.

“Mayor Berke’s uncle has some kind of tie into this club. It will shutdown and come back with another name and it is the same stuff. The same old things, the same shootings, the same killings,” James said.

Mayor Andy Berke issued a statement the following statement:

“I am concerned any time a life is lost to senseless gun violence and my heart breaks for the victim’s family. The establishment where this incident occurred involves a family member of mine, and as I’ve stated previously, I have explicitly requested to Chief Roddy that I remain recused from any decision making whatsoever to prevent the appearance of favoritism or preferential treatment. As I would with any venue, I have encouraged Chief Roddy to take any action necessary to ensure public safety. The safety of our community and the integrity of CPD’s work are my top priorities.”  


Meanwhile, James has a message for people who plan on going to the club.

“It is a dark cloud over this place. Yeah, you are having fun you are doing this and you are doing that, but as you saw on Sunday morning, the ones of you that were here. There is no good here,” James said.

We’ve attempted multiple times to get a statement from the owners of Coyote Jacks, but we have not heard back.

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