Person concerned someone has stolen electricity using jumper cables

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Some people will go to great lengths to have free electricity.

News 12 spoke to a person over the phone.

They want to remain anonymous, but believe that someone has been stealing power from EPB.

“This guy has jumper cables connected directly to the power line,” the person said.

They’re concerned, not just because it’s stealing, but because it’s extremely hazardous.

“It’s dangerous. The wires are exposed and someone could get electrocuted,” they said.

It’s also a fire risk, making it a danger to neighbors.

EPB Spokesperson J. Ed. Marston said that they don’t see this kind of theft a lot, but it does happen.

In general, he said electricity theft is rare and for about a decade they’ve used technology on meters that alerts them if someone is tampering.

“Whenever we get an alarm about some kind of tampering, we immediately investigate. 9 times out of 10, it’s some kind of technical issue, but we can find out if there has been tampering,” Marston said.

He suggests customers download the EPB app to keep a watchful eye on usage.

“Is your usage kind of on par with what it was last year? Do you know if you’re using a very economical amount of energy, but somehow you’re getting a big spike and if you do notice something like that if you call us we can talk you through what the issues might be, and if appropriate come out and investigate,” Marston said.

If you find someone tampering with meters or power lines call EPB, 423-648-1372.

It’s what the anonymous person did when they found out.

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