Pet loving couple adopts during McKamey ‘Name Your Price’ event

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The McKamey Animal Center had it’s 3rd annual Name Your Price pet adoption event today, and people were lined up when the doors first opened this morning.

With 200 cats and 150 dogs available for adoption, McKamey’s Executive Director Jamie McLaoon had high hopes to place a lot of those pets in loving homes this holiday season.

“We have a seventeen month old, yes. He’s very rambunctious and we have a four pound Chihuahua, who does not want to play with him, so he loves dogs, he loves animals and we’re looking for something that’ll be a little more fun for him to play with”.

Jamie McLaoon says most people actually pay more on Name your Price day.

McLaoon explained, “We just want to put pets in good homes. And so if they offered a dollar, they would get it for a dollar. But, I gotta tell you that most people offer as much if not more, they make a donation, so it really works out really well, but some people do offer less”.

McKamey Adoption Supervisor Jennie Wilkison says McKamey has great councilors to go over a pet’s history, proper care, and any other questions that potential adopters may have.

Councilors will often address basic information before beginning the adoption process.

“Alright guys I’m just going to go over a couple of questions with you OK?”

Wilkinson and councilors also help find the best fit for each family or individual by explaining time commitment and caring needs for different animals.

“We have lots and lots and lots of kittens. So, if you’ve been thinking that you want that family pet but, you don’t necessarily want to dedicate the time to, you know making sure you’re walking the dog, and going outside and running with it, please consider adopting a cat they’re wonderful companions.”

In addition to new pet owners, it is also common McKamey Animal Center sees individuals that are already familiar with animal care.

Pet lovers Eli and Laura O’Dell shared their story while attending the adoption event today.

Eli O’Dell says he loves animals, and already has several at home.

“So, we have about 20 chickens. We have a sheep named Mabell, We have two dogs: Scarlett and Evie, we have two cats: Martha and Bailie, Three pigs, Wilbur, Whistler was our first, We have two goats, a pigmy, yes a pigmy named Lola, a billy goat named Liter, we have two ferrets, we actually used to have three. . . Well! I just like animals.”

Laura O’Dell explained why they chose a senior dog today.

“We’re just overjoyed. My favorite Hallmark Christmas movie is a dog named Christmas. And I watched it um, a few years ago and it really made an impact on me so this year we’re going to kind of reenact what they did in that movie. You know they found a dog from a shelter, that needed a family, and this year this is our dog.”

The dog’s name is Crowmaster, and they say they plan to keep it that way.

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