Pharmacist tackles Facebook rumors about Covid vaccine

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF)-“From everything I’ve seen so far the vaccines are safe they are all an activated vaccines which means they’re not going to make you sick with the coronavirus.”

There are several myths surrounding the COVID-19 Vaccine such as it was created to micro chip you or taking it could make women sterile.

“And none of that is in any of the adverse effects that have been reported by the participants of the vaccine trial in any of them that we’ve had so far. When I get questions like that, I just try to persuade people and make people feel more confident that it’s just a mess and not a fact of the vaccine.”

Another commonly heard myth is, it won’t be safe because of how quickly it was made. This will make the vaccine more dangerous than the disease itself.

“They’re still going through the same trials they normally would.  It’s just an expedited fashion.  They’re still the same laws rules and regulations that they have to follow and making his vaccine.”

He said spreading these myths spread fear.

“Since the vaccine is just about to come out I can see where that starts to be on the rise. Now I just try to ensure my patients that the vaccine is safe it is effective.  Those are not the facts we don’t have any evidence to support those claims.”

I went home and checked my medicine cabinet Allegra for seasonal allergies, had that in there, and yes even that has a nice little list of possible side effects.

“Pretty typical of most vaccines out there.  Like I said the injection site reaction is a very common one as well as maybe a low-grade fever. I kind of equate it to a bodybuilder working out they work out get ready for the competitions sometimes their muscles can get a little sore.”

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