Phase 1 for the COVID-19 vaccine’s current status

HIXSON, Tennessee- More that 4 million vaccines worldwide and nearly 2 million vaccines in the United States alone have been administered in Phase 1.

Vaccinations in the U.S. began on December 14th for health care workers.

The U.S. is allocating 5.1 million doses of Pfizer Vaccine and 6 million doses of Moderna’s shot for distribution through this week according to the CDC.

Pharmacist Jake Standefer with Access Family Pharmacy said there are still more steps within phase one.

“What we’ve been told by the Tennessee Department of Health is we will be giving vaccinations for Phase 1a1, which for us is residence of long term care facilities. As soon as we vaccinate all of the clinics we’ve been assigned to, then will begin moving on to phase 1a2 and then phase 1b,” said Standefer.

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