Phyllis Finney, Golden Apple Award Winner, Brings Music to the Classroom

    The sound of music flows through Phyllis Finney’s classroom.  "We don’t just sit and sing anymore.  Music has changed so much, you know with all these instruments here we try to sing a little bit, play a little bit, and learn a little bit about music."

     Finney started the year with one goal in mind.  She wants to give every student a chance to perform on stage, "to be part of something greater than themselves, an opportunity for success."  5th Grade student Mia Beganovic says "we played hot cross fun, bonny bees boogie, mambo mary, and jingle bells."

     Finney’s classes have already performed four-shows this school year.  But had it not been for an accident, Finney never have learned how to play music herself.  "I wanted to go into art, and whoever scheduled the classes mistakenly put me in band and wouldn’t let us change for the first couple of weeks."

     Finney fell in love with music, which opened doors for her, including a college scholarship to UTC.  Now, Finney hopes music will strike a chord with some of her students.  "All these talent shows and things on tv they have to start somewhere and this is a good place to start," says Finney.

     Student Calvin Jackson says "well, when I first started music class, I thought like we I was doing the recorders, it was going to be boring but it actually is fun."  Jackson even has a favorite instrument he plays in class.  He’s moved up from recorder to xylophone.

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