PIE Center for Bradley County Schools in the renovating phase.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Bradley county students who aren’t sure about going to college will now have another option to help them decide.

It stands for Partnerships in Industry and Education.

The PIE Innovation Center for Bradley County Schools is currently in the renovating phase of its progress.

There could be over 30 businesses teaching in the building when it opens.

Students can choose from the food industry, to sports medicine, construction, computer coding and much more.

Officials over the PIE center say this is so much more than teaching students workplace skills.

“Opportunities for kids to get involved in their interest and in their area and actually get real world experience with real training, with the hands on people that know what they are doing and how to do it,”says Project Manager, Kyle Page.

This is set to help students make their decision on what they want to do out of high school and if college is the right road for them.

It also helps prepare students for what they could face in the work force.

Patti Hunt” It really help them see what real world situations are and what they will face when they get out into the real world after high school, college, whatever they choose to do in post secondary training,”says Patti Hunt, Grant manager over the PIE center.

The PIE Center will be part of the school day for kids who are illegible to participate.

They even are helping out students who don’t have their own transportation to the center.

“It will all be located here and our buses are going to run from the schools into here because its a one stop shop,”says Page.

They believe this will allow students those personal connections it takes to help secure a job.

The PIE Center is set to open in the late summer of 2021.

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