‘Pink-Out’ Volleyball Match Holds Special Meaning For Ooltewah

Ooltewah, TN-(WDEF) The Ooltewah volleyball team recently held their tenth annual ‘Pink-Out’ game to raise awareness for breast cancer.
The disease hits home for Ooltewah, since head coach Elaine Peigen is a breast cancer survivor.
Now the team raises scholarship money for the Mary Ellen Locher Foundation every year with their ‘Pink-Out’ match.
Elaine Piegen learned she had breast cancer in 2003, and she recalls addressing the team about her diagnosis.
Said Peigen:”Just trying to be open with them and talk to them to let them know it’s all going to be okay. It was all going to be okay. That we will just get through it.”
Assistant coach Taylor Flynn played for Peigen, and she and her teammates started the Pink-Out in 2007 as a surprise for Coach Piegen.
Said Flynn:”Just being part of the first group of players that have done this for her and honored her in this way and seeing that it has carried on all of these years really just means a lot. Even the school partakes in it. A lot of the students were wearing pink today and administrators. We sell items at lunch to raise money for it.”
In 2015, Amy Killingsworth was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her oldest daughter Sidney was a member of the Ooltewah volleyball team at the time.
Reporter:”Was Elaine helpful when you got diagnosed?”
Said Killingsworth:”Absolutely. She was unbelievable. She set up a meal program for me, and they raised money.”
Said Peigen:”When Sidney was here, it was really an emotional year for us as far as everybody felt for her and wanted to help her. It was nice for her to have teammates to talk to.”
You can imagine how special the Pink Out is for Killingsworth.
Said Killingsworth:”It just kind of touches your heart. I think it speaks to the girls.”
Reporter:”Did it (cancer) mellow you out as a coach at all?”
Said Peigen:”No not really. (chuckles) It made me sit back and think about some things and reorganize my priorities.”
Said Flynn:”It’s neat knowing her and knowing what all she has been through that has made her the person that she is.”

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