Planned Parenthood’s plans in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Planned Parenthood said they wanted to answer the questions being asks as they feel there is some misinformation going around Chattanooga.

At Wednesday’s meeting community organizer Kamari Sharard, and public health educator Chequita Webb spoke about how they are the only two people representing planned parenthood in Chattanooga.

They said they are here to provide education to the public and build relationships so people can better understand themselves.

Another person who spoke was senior minister Brandon Gilvin of First Christian Church. He said  he feels Planned parenthood provides a service that fills an important gap in Chattanooga.

“I think again having proper education is the first step and making sure people understand all the facts around reproductive Health and that’s really where I kind of start,” said Gilvin.

Webb also added there are no plans right now for a physical planned parenthood to come to the area

And Webb said they will not be teaching sexual education in Hamilton County schools.

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