Point System Suggestion for Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Minority Community Relations Task Force is requesting the Hamilton County Sheriff Office to change their hiring and promoting practices.

The task force recommends inheriting a scoring system designed to rate an officer or candidate on areas related to being hired or promoted.

Other recommendations include adding minorites to the panels involved in the selection process and candidates not selected should be provided with written feedback and socring results.

Task Force member Stephen Smith says this can eliminate bias elements of hiring for equal opportunities, “The idea behind having a point system would be to make it a more objective process. A process where someone who was being evaluated could then go back and based on how they’re scored in areas of aptitude could then improve and come back as re-applicants. Or those criteria that are being used could actually be presented to applicants before hand so that they know what the expectations are.”

The Sheriff’s Office tells News 12 that the recommendations will be reviewed this week.

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