Man accused of killing group home caretaker with brick

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A man is arrested after being accused of killing a Hixson group home caretaker with a brick.

Earl Freudenberg, who lives near Garrett Drive and is involved with the Northwoods Neighborhood Association says he concerned after a homicide happened at this group home yesterday afternoon.

“So we are a bedroom community of the city that is peaceful and we sure would like it to remain that way,” Freudenberg said.

Shantez Ferguson is charged with criminal homicide in connection to the death of Kevin Garrett.

Investigators say Garrett was a caretaker at the group home and Ferguson is a resident. When Chattanooga Police responded to the scene that found Garrett lying in the driveway unresponsive. Surveillance video showed the men in a fight and police found a brick covered in blood. Investigators say Ferguson later told them he hit Garret in the head with a red brick three times.

“What the Northwoods Neighborhood Association would like to see is this facility closed down and the house sold to a good family, where we can return this house to its proper zoning, which is R-1. We don’t know if it is zoned for business or what,” Freudenberg said.

Police have responded to more than 40 calls at the home since 2017.

Calls for Police Service to 5705 Garrett Jan 2017 to Jan 13, 2020
2017 2018 2019 2020
5 19 18 1

Type Problem Noted: (unknown 911 is a hang-up call, Park and Walk is an officer checking the area, self-initiated)

Problem Code in CAD 2017 2018 2019 2020 Total by Problem
ASSDEL-Assault Delayed 2 2
ASSIP-Assault In Progress 1 1
ASSLT-Assault EMS Needed 1 1
BACKO-Backup Other Agency 1 1
CPR-CPR In Progress 1 1
DISORD-Disorder 2 4 6 12
DISWEA-Disorder Weapon Involve 2 2
HARASS-Harassment 1 1
MENTAL-Mentally Disturbed 1 3 4 8
MISCOM-Miscellaneous Complaint 2 2
MISSEND-Missing Endangered 2 2 4
PROPERTY-Property 1 1
PW-Park and Walk 1 1
SEIZE-Seizure 1 1 2
TRAFFIC-Traffic Stop 1 1 2
UNK911-Unknown 911 1 1 2
Total by Year 5 19 18 1 43

Courtesy: Chattanooga Police Department

Neighbors say they are worried about children.

“They play in their backyard and these kids have witnessed some of the things that have gone on across the street and it shouldn’t be for a child who is playing in the backyard to see such things,” Freudenberg said.

Neighbors are thinking about Garrett’s family and hope something changes, so this doesn’t happen again.

Support Solutions, the company that runs the group home, issued the following statement:

“The Support Solutions family is shocked and deeply saddened by the events that took place over the weekend. While we legally cannot disclose details of the situation during the investigation, we can assure you that we are working closely with authorities to determine the answers to all of our questions as quickly as possible. As a company, we are extremely committed to our team members and the individuals we support and will focus our energies and resources in helping them as they process this traumatic event. In the meantime, we respectfully ask that you direct all additional inquiries to the Chattanooga Police Department.”

If you have any information about this case, contact Chattanooga Police at 423-643-5100.


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