Police charge two adults in shooting of 9 year old


The Affidavit offers more details on the case against Genesis Suggs & Deisman Harrison.

Suggs is the mother of the 9 year old.

Police say she originally told them that he was accidentally shot at a party and she took him to the hospital.

But after changing the story several times and investigators not really buying it, they say she admitted that it happened at her boyfriend’s place.

She told them that she and Harrison were fighting over a phone, bumped into a dresser, knocking the gun onto the floor.

It went off and the bullet went through the wall and hit her son in the jaw.

She rushed him to the hospital, but told officials it happened somewhere else.


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police have now charged two adults in the shooting of a nine year old boy earlier this week.

The boy showed up at a local hospital just after midnight early Tuesday morning.

But Police were initially vague on what happened, only saying they could not find a crime scene.

Yesterday, they revealed that they didn’t believe the public was in danger from this case.

Now they have charged 34 year old Genesis Ann Suggs and 31 year old Deisman Harrison in the case.

Both face charges of Reckless Endangerment and Aggravated Assault.

The male suspect is also charged with Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, while the female is charged with Filing False Reports.

Police now say the shooting happened at a home on Farleigh Street.

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