Police converge onto East Chattanooga home after multiple shots fired; rifles confiscated

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – A 911 call from neighbors about multiple gun shots results in police officers swarming a home in East Chattanooga.

It happened late Friday night near the intersection of Dodson Avenue and Searle Street.

Dodson Ave Shots Fired1Several neighbors told News 12 they heard what sounded like 7 shots from a rifle. One neighbor said it sounded so close to her home that she hit the floor in fear that a bullet would penetrate her home.

Close to 20 Chattanooga police officers responded to the call and immediately began searching the 3200 block of Dodson Avenue for clues. At one point, officers converged on a home where the shots were believed to have originated.

Dodson Ave Shots Fired2

Chattanooga Police confiscated two rifles from a home where there were reports of shots fired.

Everyone inside the home were ordered out. At least one person was placed in handcuffs and detained while officers searched the home and separately spoke with each person who was in the house. It’s unclear if the man who was detained was later charged with a crime.

After a thorough search of the home, officers located two rifles which were confiscated as evidence. Officers on scene also say they found other evidence to suggest the shots were fired from outside the house.

News 12 spoke to Minister Jeffrey Evans of Abundant Life Church. Evans is a neighborhood representative who was called to the scene by neighbors. He told News 12 that area of East Chattanooga has experienced too many shootings and shots fired calls.

“I’m at my ends with this. I want peace in the neighborhood because we go so many people who live here who are scared to go come out on their porch. They’re sleeping on the floor at night because of gun shots.”

The shots fired location on Dodson Avenue is very close to the a fatal shooting that happened early Friday morning on Glass Street.

According to Chattanooga investigators, Jeremy Clark, 28, of Chattanooga was shot and killed in the 2000 block of Glass Street. No suspect has been identified in that incident.

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