Police equity dashboard shown to Chattanooga City Council

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Policing and Racial Equity dashboard breaks down by race citations and arrests and looks at use of force situations and citizen complaints against CPD.

The numbers collected are from 2018 to now.

The police department worked with the city’s Office of Performance Management and Open Data to make this happen.

City Council members were shown it during a meeting Tuesday.

“I can’t tell you what we’ve done with the data, because we’re fresh into this as you are, what we’re going to do with this is to me is the more important question,” Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy said.

The dashboard shows racial disparities.

Ideally, the population should match up to the percentage broken down by each category, but it doesn’t always.

For example, 53 percent of African-Americans are being cited for economic violations like driver’s license violations when the black or African-American population is 32.6 percent.

“I think this becomes a conversation for all of us is how do we move this out of our area. How do we give individuals a better support system to be able to get licenses reinstated or are we talking about a wavier of a suspended license for a certain time period without penalty so the individual can obtain the money to get their license reinstated,” Chief Roddy said.

When it comes to use of force, 97 percent of incidents have been considered in policy and around 1 percent went to internal affairs.

Data from citizens complaints to internal affairs show improper procedure as the most common sustained allegation, meaning there was enough evidence to support it.

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