Police identify suspect in seven year old cold case

Investigators need your help in locating a Chattanooga man that they believe killed someone back in October of 2012.

“He was a suspect and as time progressed there was enough information to come out to pursue charges against Justin Thurman,”said Lucas Fuller, the homicide investigator on the case.

Today investigators brought News 12 up to date on a cold case from seven years ago that left one man dead in his car.

Neighbors from the 2012 case reacted that day

“This my sixth death on this street.”

All due to violence on East 14th street , reports a News 12 Reporter on the scene.

“First my Uncle Bucky died, then my Uncle Toot died, then my Uncle Szars died, then my Uncle Joey died, Then my Uncle Robert died and now Leslie,”said Cory Foster

all on this street?  all on this street, said foster.

Police say Leslie Townsend was sitting in his car outside of his own home, when police say someone shot him to death.

Neighbors say Townsend used to sit in his car and listen to music to clear his mind, that’s what they believe he was doing just moments before his death.

According to the police Townsend’s death marks the third homicide at the home within a few years.

His uncle Robert was murdered on the Porch the March before Townsend’s death.

Police have also hit a roadblock with communicating with the victim’s family.

“Currently we are trying to locate the family, the family has moved. Attempts have been made to contact the family but have been unsuccessful,” said fuller

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I pray to God that they find the person who do it,” said an upset neighbor.

Police believe they have the right guy.

“This week the Hamilton county Grand jury indicted Justin Thurman, In the 2012 first degree felony murder homicide of Leslie Townsend,” said Neal Pinkston, District Attorney.

If you see Justin Thurman call Police Immediately, do not approach him.

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