Police investigating an alleged explosive plot at the Walmart in Ft. Oglethorpe

FORT OGLETHORPE, Georgia(WDEF) – Two people are under investigation by Fort Oglethorpe Police in connection to an alleged plot to ignite an explosive device inside a Walmart store.

It reportedly happened this past weekend but authorities were not able to make an arrest until Thursday.

According to detectives, James Scarbro and Tiffany Burgess were seen on surveillance video pouring dangerous chemicals into a container then leaving the container in an area next to flammable fertilizer in the gardening section of the store.

Detective Steve Blevins told News 12, their actions could have caused a major disaster.

“This potentially could have caused a fire and s lot of damage to the store itself. Including lives? If we had individuals back there in this particular area of the time when it started, yes there was a potential for a very excited start to the fire with these things,” Blevins said.

Investigators also believe the two knew what they were doing.

“I believe the individuals were looking at some sort of a timing device in order to give them time enough to leave the area before anything started,” Blevins said.

Fortunately, Walmart employees noticed the strange object in time and notified managers who looked at surveillance video to see who put the device in place. During the play back of the video, they reportedly saw the two suspects pouring chemicals into the device then placing it in an area where it could have ignited.

Scarbro turned himself in to the Catoosa County jail on Thursday where he was booked on a charge of manufacturing an explosive device. As. Of Thursday evening, he had posted bond.

According to police, Burgess has yet to turn herself in after agreeing to do.

If convicted on the charge of manufacturing an explosive device, both suspects could face up to 20 years in prison.

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