Police now say a school shooting threat in Tennessee came from Canada

The 18 year old suspect lived on a Cree Reservation near Manitoba

MANITOBA, Canada (WDEF) – It took investigators from two states and two countries to crack a case of multiple false reports of school shootings.


They believe it was a “swatting” case across international boarders.


Swatting is the term for false reports over the phone about dangerous activities just to get a police response.


It began August 10th with a phone call purportedly from a youth who claimed he had a gun at Volunteer High School in Hawkins County and was going to start shooting students.


As you can imagine, there was a major police response, but no shooting.


Then TBI investigators learned of a similar incident in North Carolina.


The TBI traced the phone call to a home in Manitoba, Canada.


Canadian authorities traced it to a residence at the Fisher River Cree Nation.


They arrested an 18 year old youth and seized several electronic devices.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security Investigations, Winnipeg Police and even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were involved in case.

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