Police say ‘serial peeping Tom’ arrested again

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (WSB-TV) — A judge has revoked bond for a man police are calling a serial peeping Tom.

Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik got dashcam video showing the April 6 arrest of Kareem Habbal. It was his fifth arrest for this kind of crime in just three years.

“You just feel like you’re being violated,” one victim said.

That’s how an Alpharetta woman says she felt last month after finding a man peering into her apartment.

“I really got panicky and nervous and upset so I called 911 and told them someone was outside of my bedroom window,” she said.

Police have charged Habbal with peeping Tom.

“I’ve just been very upset and unnerved about the whole situation,” she said. “It just makes you paranoid, unable to sleep, not getting enough rest.”

The dashcam video Petchenik obtained shows police questioning Habbal just three weeks later, after a man says he saw Habbal looking into his window.

Records show Habbal has faced three such charges in three years in Alpharetta alone.

Roswell and Dunwoody police have also arrested Habbal for the same offense.

Records show the Dunwoody case was dismissed because of a lack of evidence.

“This behavior has got to stop and it’s got to stop yesterday,” said the woman, who hopes this time around a judge sends a strong message to Habbal.

“Stricter sentences need to be levied against him for doing this because it has affected my life and I’m sure it’s affected other people who he’s done this to,” she said.

Habbal is now in the Fulton County jail without bond. He’s scheduled to be back in court later this month.

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