Police Sergeant Dennis Pedigo Named “First Responder of the Month”

As we approach the first anniversary of the Fallen Five tragedy, you’ll be hearing about those who gave their lives, and those who were hurt in that terrorist episode.
You’ve heard about Sergeant Dennis Pedigo who was wounded in the shootout.
And tonight, our First Responder of the Month salute goes to that Chattanooga police officer.

The Naval/Marine training center on Amnicola is only a few blocks from the Police service center. So officers from there quickly responded as others were tracking the vehicle of the shooter as it left the recruiting center on Lee Highway. They converged at the center where a gunfight ensued. Police and Sheriff’s deputies shot the home-grown jihadist and killed him, but not before he had wounded Officer Pedigo.
Fellow officers and EMS personnel got him out and took him to the hospital.

SOT–OFFICER SEAN O’BRIEN, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPT. “There were two of us that helped get officer Pedigo to cover, and then from there, there were several other officers that helped to get him out to an ambulance on Amnicola.
A Lot happened under fire.”

There were many heroes on that day, but this officer stood out as he faced a well-armed shooter and paid the price.”

Chief Fred Fletcher saluted all for what they did.

CHIEF FRED FLETCHER, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPT. “Know this! They are heroes, they are my heroes, that’s the last thing they like to be ..hear themselves called.”

Sgt. Dennis Pedigo has refused special attention, and only made a few public appearances over the last year. One was at a Wal-Mart store, where the big retailer made contributions to the Police Department and other groups.

But he has as of May 2016, thankfully returned to duty.

Tonight, News 12 recognizes the special contribution made by Chattanooga Police Sgt. Dennis Pedigo—he is our First Responder for the Month of July.

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