Police won’t come to as many wrecks in the future

They are readjusting priorities on which wrecks to send officers on to maximize their manpower

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police are scaling back the number of traffic crashes where an officer will respond to in person.

They are changing their priorities for responding to crash scenes to maximize their manpower for other jobs.

Now there are 8 qualifying factors that will decide if an officer is needed at the scene:

1. Death or injury

2. Hit and run

3. Impairment of an operator due to alcohol or drugs

4. Government-owned vehicles or property

5. Hazardous materials

6. Disturbances between principals

7. Major traffic congestion as a result of the crash

8. Damage

If your crash does not meet one of the 8 factors, still call dispatch to report it.  They will let you know how the crash will be reported to the city and state. You will be transferred to a recording within CPD that will explain what needs to be reported and how.

Police officials say the change will help them be more involved with preventing crime.

They found that they were spending 35 + hours a day on crashes that did not meet the 8 qualifiers.

CPD officials say other local agencies that have made this switch, have cut the number of crashes they respond to in half.

“That could be up to 18 hours back to our officers in Neighborhood Policing. This would lead to more in-depth, focused initiatives toward violent crime in the city. We have only seen a small amount of what our officers, investigators, and crime analysts are capable of. With more hours in the day to serve our community, we can only expect a safer Chattanooga.”

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