Political science experts weigh in ahead of Super Tuesday

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — As presidential candidates gear up for Super Tuesday, political science experts in our area explain the importance of it.

All eyes will be on Super Tuesday. Political experts say there is a lot of history behind it.

“Super Tuesday started several decades ago when southern states were trying to bolster their influence, particularly in the Democratic Party. And so this Super Tuesday about a third of the delegates will be awarded on the democratic side going into the primary conventions this summer,” said Dr. Chris Acuff, an assistant professor with UTC.

There is a lot on stake.

“On the Democratic side it is still wide open so every vote and every delegate in each state matters. So it will be an interesting race coming up,” Acuff said.

Recently, some candidates dropped out.

“So Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer have tried to consolidate their support, probably around Joe Biden. And it is looking more and more Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders may be the two top people,” Acuff said.

Some people voted early for candidates who are no longer in the race.

“Unfortunately it probably won’t mean too much in the short term. If there is not a consensus winner by the end of the primary season then those delegates would be reallocated at the convention. So each candidate who is still in it will sort of make their pitch to those delegates as why they should come over to their side. So those delegates will still be there going into the convention this summer,” Acuff said.

Political experts have advice as people head to the polls.

“Vote for whoever you support and just make sure you go out and vote,” Acuff said.

Polls bill be open on March 3 from 8am to 8pm in Hamilton County.

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