Political signs taken down due to city ordinance

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF)-There are a lot less political campaign signs up in East Ridge due to what the city is calling an ordinance violation.

East Ridge City Manager Chris Dorsey said over 100 campaign signs were removed due to the signs blocking driver visibility.
He said most of the signs were placed on corners too close to the street or city right away where there were issues with distance or visibility.
He added there were also issues with not having phone numbers to call the right person regarding the signs.
“Every campaign has to have someone register with their office so we know who to call if they’re sign issues or problems. We couldn’t get that information from the Election Commission. We’ve been able to find out some, some of them already registered and we expect more probably in the next day or two to come register. That’s the only reason to come register so we know who the contact person can be if we have issues with their signs,” said Dorsey.
None of the signs were destroyed and someone with the campaign can pick up the signs by registering their contact information and can put them back out provided they follow the sign ordinance.
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