Political war of words through Twitter; Chris Anderson vs. Tea Party

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – The homegrown terror attack in Orlando has now led to a political war of words here in Chattanooga.

Right after the world learned that 50 people were killed inside a gay and lesbian night club in Orlando, Chattanooga city councilman Chris Anderson posted messages on Twitter that were considered offensive to both Republicans and the president of the Chattanooga Tea Party.

“Why politicize something that is such a tragedy for so many people,” asked by fellow Chattanooga City Councilman Larry Grohn.

“What is this man smoking. What is he doing. What is he thinking,” asked by Chattanooga Tea Party President Mark West.

It’s unclear what Anderson was thinking when he tweeted this message, but his tweet has incited political criticism.

“I think it’s totally irresponsible, especially for an elected official to appear to be using this tragedy as a platform to promote themselves and the agenda they want to promote. It actually hurts the agenda that Councilman Anderson wants to promote rather than help it,” Grohn said.

Anderson is Chattanooga’s first openly gay city councilman who is known for advocating rights for the LGBT community. But his critics say he went too far by tweeting the Tea Party incites violence against LGBT Americans; a tweet that followed news of a night club massacre night in Orlando.

West responded with his own tweet by calling Anderson a liar who is trying to score political points.

“I knew that I had to respond because if a lie is told, you can’t leave a lie unaddressed,” West said.

News 12 Now has made several attempts to contact Anderson but he has not returned  phone calls nor emails. In the meantime, the war of words has escalated.

“We just had an Islamic extremist murder 50 people; they’re laying on the ground in a separate city, and he’s going to say the Chattanooga Tea Party, Mark West or the governor had something to do with it. He blames us for it. The man is in my view completely political in his entire life or he’s perhaps not even fit to for the office that he’s holding, but I’ll leave that up to the voters to decide,” West said.

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