Pompeo, Netanyahu speak in Israel before national election

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is visiting Israel, Lebanon and Kuwait this week, will be making a joint statement with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem Wednesday. Pompeo’s visit comes just weeks before Israel holds elections in early April. Netanyahu is running for re-election despite the fact that he’s been indicted on a litany of criminal charges. Netanyahu is accused of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, but he could still be re-elected.

CBS News’ Christinia Ruffini reports that there is currently no rule that a sitting prime minster can’t keep his job while he’s under indictment, but he would have to be forced to give up his role as minister in other capacities, such as leading Israel’s defense. Israel’s attorney general, meanwhile, has imposed a deadline of July 10 to hold a hearing to determine whether or not to indict Netanyahu.

Asked if he thought his visit would impact the election, Pompeo told reporters: “Israel is an important ally and we don’t stop our meetings just because they are in an election cycle.”

Netanyahu is set to visit Washington to meet with President Trump and attend the annual AIPAC summit.

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