Port Angeles sends support to the Scenic City

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Just a few months ago, Chattanooga was competing against Port Angeles, Washington for the Best Town ever designation, and they didn’t let a little competition get in the way of reaching out to another town in their time of need.


They say competition brings out the best in people, and a competition connected two cities that are over 2 thousand miles apart when Chattanooga and Port Angeles faced off for the Best Town ever…. Chattanooga came out on top, then the community was rocked 2 weeks ago with the loss of 5 servicemen…..


"Well we don’t heal alone," said mayor Andy Berke.


Today, a former rival sent thoughts and prayers, illustrations and maps to help lift up a community that they knew was in need.


"The original plan was to make a banner," said Leslie Robertson of Port Angeles.


What started as one banner, quickly grew into something much bigger today, 20 banners filled with love and support.  Then the next task was getting them to Chattanooga.


"We can’t just ship these in the mail," said Leslie.


So they decided the banners had to be hand delivered….. All 20 banners reached their destination this afternoon and when mayor Andy Berke got his first chance to view them in person, one of the words he used to descibe them was incredible.

"I really feel a bond to the people here and certainly after the competition, we went through and Port Angeles made us closer together, and it is just incredible to see how many people turned out to sign these banners."


All of the banners will be on display at the downtown library starting on Monday, on the 4th floor where they will remain for at least a week while the city works on a more permanent plan for the messages from Port Angeles.


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