Post-Christmas Shoppers

Post-Christmas shopping sounds comparable to The Hunger Games.

"It’s been crazy. The traffic has been horrible, everything is picked off the shelf, it’s hard to get any exchanges," said shopper Lisa Cox.

Yet hundreds of shoppers, including Cox, still braved the crowd to find the bargains.

So I had to ask, is it worth it?

"Yes. Yes," says Cox.

Cox says the key to being a successful post-Christmas shopper is being flexible about what you’re looking for and finding stores with the most inventory.

"The sales are worth it if you can find your size," says Cox.

If you’re tired of going to the mall, several stores are also offering the same sales online.

Jeffrey Bell, an employee at The UPS Store, says item returns keep them busy after the holidays.

"Every moment theres something to do there. I got to box up something," says Bell.

Sources say as many as 23% of all returns for the year happen after Christmas.

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